Sunday, August 20, 2006

Updated Descent FAQ at FFG

Get a copy here. Some very interesting rules clarifications. To wit:

  • The overlord player should start with 3 overlord cards and 0 threat tokens.
  • Vitality potions should cost 50 coins, not 25 as listed on page 20 of the Quest Guide.
  • Each hero may only drink 1 potion (of any type) each turn.
  • The overlord can discard cards for threat tokens at any time, even during a hero player’s turn.
  • Heroes can no longer immediately turn in a treasure card from a chest to receive its full value. Instead, they must carry the item back to town and sell it for half value in the town shop.
  • Heroes can only buy treasure cards from the shop if they’ve previously opened at least one chest of that color this game.
  • A hero may give any item to an adjacent hero at the cost of one movement point. A hero may never give money to another hero.
  • [W]henever a hero receives an item from another player or from a chest, he may immediately equip that item, dropping or placing other items in his pack to free up the hands necessary for the just-received item.
  • Monsters can end their movement on or be spawned on to unactivated glyphs, but cannot end their movement on or be spawned on to activated glyphs. If a monster is on an activated glyph, the overlord must move it off the glyph on his next turn. Monsters can always move through or attack into spaces containing glyphs. (Ed: No board lock-outs for you!)
There's some more interesting stuff, including the new diagrams for the Hell Hound's breath attack, that make it worth checking out. These are just the one's that caught my eye. Enjoy!


Tom W. said...

That tightens things up nicely. I'm looking forward to playing a game with all the correct rules in place.

yynderjohn said...

I played this at Gencon with Mike Zebrowski, the lead tester. Man he smoked us badly with his custom dungeon.

Tom W. said...

It doesn't help when you don't know all the ins and outs of the game.