Saturday, August 12, 2006

The Official Word on D&D 4.0 .. such as it is.

From a GenCon seminar hosted by WotC:

When asked about the rumors surrounding a coming 4th edition: "We find them very Funny.... WotC does like to hear about what fans want in a new edition as some of the items that are coming out this year are from what fans talked about online a few years ago. When WotC decides to announce the release of a 4th edition we will give trade partners and fans ample time to prepare."
Sounds like the rumors are unfounded ... B.D., you were right. There, I said it. :)

From a different post here:
[Kevin Wilson, D&D Associate Brand Manager] did confirm that there is no work being done in the development of a 4th edition that would force players to use miniatures to play the game. We also confirmed with WotC staff that, at this time, no 4th edition product will be in any Wizards of the Coast's product catalogs through 2007. This would seemingly put an actual product release sometime in 2008.
So I suppose I should break down and buy the damn 3.5 book already... :)

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