Monday, August 14, 2006

go ahead...

tell me you dont get half a chub watching her sing this song ... go get some tissues while this video loads


Tom W. said...

Great, now I have to go listen to Lamb of God for about an hour to make myself clean again. Fucker.

The Loremaster said...

You mean, you actually listened to it? ?? As soon as I realized it was fucking Jessica Simpson I couldn't hit stop fast enough! Euccch!

When the hell will we be done with these vapid, talentless, moronic "singers" cluttering up the fucking airwaves! Thank god for the iPod!!

The Loremaster said...

Ok, I'm not done ranting.

Her voice makes me want to club her like a baby seal.

I bet if you were to come in her ear, it would echo.

I want to use a nailgun on her knees, then take her to Mass.

She needs to be served a big heaping bowful of AIDS.

She stinks, and I hate her!

(I'm Jim Norton, and I approve this message. Long live O&A!)

~R said...

but you WOULD come in her ear is all im saying

The Loremaster said...

Sh'yeah, right after my lobotomy. I'd give her a good squicking, but there'd be nothing to push up against... blergh!

Mel said...

Rod - you better have been watching this with the volume off.. man... she is the worst!

what the f posessed you to listen the this???????