Thursday, June 08, 2006

Movie Night Moving?? Multiple Movie Night??

So, I have been thinking of adding a day to the movie night schedule... mondays as well thursdays.

Every Monday night, every Thursday night.

I know a lot of people have plans... especially with Thursday in the Square going on thru the summer.

The time is still the same.
My house at 8:00, movies start at 8:30.

I am thinking of some lighter fare for the next movie night... possibly "Dead and Breakfast".

The more the merrier - so invite you friends, family, co-workers... strippers...

I have a couch that can comfortably seat 3 (well, two and a half anyway), a comfy chair, some folding chairs, and I can move the coffee table if I need to and get some big beanbag chairs for the floor. The strippers can sit on my lap...

I usually have a variety of pepsi products and a beer or twon on hand - but I have no problems with someone bringing booze, pop, or food.

I have movies and a subscription to Netflix... so I will take requests.


The Loremaster said...

Wednesdays and Thursdays I can do, but Monday is SG night on CoH, and Tuesday is VG night on CoV. Depends on what happens with that ...

~R said...

no movie night tonight... sorry. Stay tuned for updates.