Sunday, June 11, 2006

Entry Level Wargaming

I've been eyeing this game for a while. $25 gets you a small army and the rules. The sets can be found for under $20 on Ebay and other online retailers. Could be fun. And at that scale you can get two games going easily on one table.


The Loremaster said...

Yeah, but it's Mongoose ...

"If hlaf a unite's figgers are destro'd by an atack, u mus role moral."

I kid, because I love. :D

Tom W. said...

LOL. Very true.
Their content, however, ranges from average (splatbooks) to excellent.
The rules for Paranoia are weird but the game is very good.

BD Flory said...


I find myself on a GW kick.

I've been eyeing the specialist games website, and I've got some 40k armies to build.

And before you say it, Tim, ebay is your friend. :P

The Loremaster said...

/me eyes stacks of WHQ stuff

No, no it decidely is NOT my friend.