Saturday, June 24, 2006

Dragonlance Animated Movie

Most of you know that I'm a big Dragonlance fan. When I heard about an animated movie in the works I was pretty damn excited. I don't know how many times I've wished for something like this since running the War of the Lance modules with Tim Hannon when we were kids. The latest tidbit I found is that Lucy Lawless is voicing Goldmoon. Hm. Ok. Get the Xena-geeks into it, sure. Then, I read this:

From the Lawless Ink:

"I just did the voice of an animated cartoon for Paramount, called Dragonlance. Obviously it's a fantasy story, with gods and monsters -- (no lesbian subtext). I never felt I nailed animated performance before, so wanted to get a handle on it.

I played a character called "Goldmoon," a Native American. We played around with accents awhile. I didn't know she was Native A till I got there and so didn't have time to research the accent (not many of those where I come from). More staccato! More commanding! More warm! Less disjointed! . . . Ummm, do you just want me to do Xena? Ahh, yes! That's it, do Xena! The voice is perfect! So warm, so commanding, so . . . yeah, yeah, let's get on with it.

It was actually really fun. At last I have done something my friends can actually watch. My son is gratified that I am not playing a bad guy. He can't stand me going to BSG every day to be mean to humans.

Oh well, it's a living!

When the fuck did the Native AMERICANS move to the continent of Ansalon. Fuck. How bad did they screw this shit up?? I'm hoping she was just too retarded to realize that the character she was voicing wasn't actually a Native American.

Well, at least she cleared up for us the fact that it will be an ANIMATED cartoon.



The Loremaster said...

Well, it was always pretty clear to me that the "tribes" in Dragonlance were thinly disguised Native Americans. Considering the character style, customs, etc., it's easy to see how an actress unfamiliar with the IP would make that determination.

There are also unusual parallels between the Que Shu and the Book of Mormon ... to be left as an exercise for the reader ... :)

Tom W. said...

I understand the similarities, but she made the statement AFTER doing the voicing. I'll chalk it up to ignorance on her part. She IS from New Zealand. ;)

The Loremaster said...

She also is an actor ... I bet Bruce Campbell still thinks you can "win" Deadlands ... :)