Thursday, June 22, 2006

Chaos isn't the Devil! Chaos is getting bought by EA! Wait...maybe Chaos *is* the Devil...


Doh. And I was looking forward to playing a squid herder, too.


The Loremaster said...

?? Not sure what your comment is about here. EA's buying out Mythic. Unless there's some oddball contract that we aren't privy to (see LUG and WotC), Warhamer Online should still be on track. IMO, WHO is the entire reason EA bought Mythic ... they saw what they figured to be a WoW killer, and acquired it.

Unless you read something I didn't, of course ... :)

BD Flory said...

*shrug* Not saying EA will derail WAR.

They do have a bit of a rep for loot and burn buyouts, though.

Hopefully, they're treating their employees better these days, too.