Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Watchman trailer is online.

You know, if you care or something.

... Oh who am I kidding?


OK, I'm all better now.


Vengeance said...


The Loremaster said...

In the words of Craig Ferguson, "I know!" It's another one to knock off the list of "Things Tim Thought He'd Never See Happen".

Between this, Indy 4, Batman Begins, I Am Legend, Cyberpunk v3 ... there's not much left on the list anymore. (Of course some stuff still belongs on that list, but what the hey.)

BD Flory said...

The trailer actually left me cold. And I love the hell out of the graphic novel.

The Loremaster said...

Well, what about it didn't you like? Mel hasn't read the book, so she didn't get a lot out of it, although she thought it looked nifty.

Part of it is just plain ol' fanboy longing: seeing those scenes translated into film and moving ... rock-hard geek nipples, I tell you, pure Airwolf.

I'm wondering what kind of reaction Joe Public is going to have to it ...

BD Flory said...

It's not that I particularly disliked anything. It would have been a fine teaser for most comic book movies.

The problem is that the trailer is essentially saying, "Check out our hero designs, aren't they bad ass? And here they are kicking ass! Also, Rorschach would totally own you!"

And that's really the opposite of what Watchmen is actually about.

Also, the director is Zack Snyder, who took a xenophobic and misogynist graphic novel and made it into an even more xenophobic and misogynist film, and I'm still not sure if he did it intentionally or not. He's pretty far down my list of directors who I think are smart enough to handle Watchmen.

The credited screenwriters don't really inspire confidence either.

Essentially, any teaser would have been an uphill battle for me. I'll be curious to see what happens when they start pushing out material less concerned with style and more with substance.

The Loremaster said...

But David Hayter worked on the good X-Men movies. :)

It's been a while since I read the original 300, but if my memory is anything to go by, it was just as xenophobic as the movie was, which IMO makes it an accurate translation.

Misogynistic I could see your point, even though I don't necessarily agree. I don't think the scriptwriters wrote Queen Gorgo's scenes that way because they actively hate women, but because they were trying to add another layer of drama where one wasn't really needed. However, it did work for me. De gustibus non disputandum.

BD Flory said...

Fuck your patriarchal Latin platitudes! Ionic columns obviously represent the white male phallus penetrating through every level of classical culture, while the simultaneous desire to prevent the dark skinned invader from penetrating between these white spaces is obviously a deeply encoded fear of miscegenation!

I kid, I kid. Suffice to say I'm not convinced about Watchmen. I'm not sure *anyone* could handle it, frankly. I'm a big believer in the potential for translating works across different media, but Watchmen...I'm skeptical.

Anyway, independent of the filmmakers' respective reputations, the trailer neither looked nor felt like Watchmen. We'll see what happens with future trailers.

I may just read the graphic novel again when the movie comes out, and ignore the movie. :P

The Loremaster said...

It's always about the dicks with you, isn't it? ;)

If anything, I'll definitely wait for reviews and such before committing one way or the other. I think the trailer does do a good job of capturing the feel of Watchmen, but if we've learned nothing from George Lucas, we've at least learned that a great trailer doesn't make for a good movie. Need more data, IMO.

Tom W. said...

It'll be a good film. 300 was practically shot-for-shot with the graphic novel so Snyder understands how important that is to fans. The movie being misogynistic? I don't agree I see where one could argue. The trick here is getting the right bits of the story into the film since there's no way you could fit all of it into a 3 hour block.
As for the trailer, well, you need to show how "badass the characters are" so you get young people into the theater. Movies are big business and we all know big business targets the youth and their disposable income. Hook them and you make money.
But c'mon, you can't tell me that getting it to LOOK good isn't at all important? Embrace the inner fanboy. ;)
I thought it felt like Watchmen, but its one of those things that's different for each of us.