Monday, November 06, 2006

Con Goodness?

How was the convention... anything wacky happen?

New games?
New takes on old games?
New venerial diseases?


The Loremaster said...

Well, some stuff I can talk about; the rest will have to wait for Saturday:

- cheap hotels pretty much suck. Sent them a nastygram earlier today.
- the gamers in Ohio are frickin' awesome!
- Andy Hopp is out of his ever-lovin' mind.
- Mike's Place is Mecca for Dorks. Awesome food!!!
- Tim needs to work on his blurb writing skills. :)
- Geeks do two things well: game and eat. Dressing ourselves we still need to work on.
- Lesbians in chain-mail halter tops will flash geeks playing Guitar Hero at 2 AM in the morning. ("Oh Billy!!!")
- Guitar Hero is evil. It will make you miss lesbians in chain mail bikinis flashing you. ("Just one more song ... just one more song ...")
- Beholder piƱatas are really hard to bust open.
- Do not eat lunchmeat that has been sitting in a cooler for three days.
- If you do eat lunchmeat that has been sitting in a cooler for three days, don't be surprised when you need to pull off the I-80 to hork in a McDonald's rest stop.
- Ted's Hot Sauce is the new official food of Con on the Cob.

That's all I got for the moment. Tom and Mel, do you have anything to add?

Mel said...

- Outdoor room entrances not such a good idea in Ohio, there is something called SNOW in the midwest ya know
- Tops no longer exists in Northern OH
- Damn it, its POP not SODA
- I now know where all the good rest stops are to and from Kent
- London's chocolate ROCKS!
- don't eat the lunch meat
- don't drink the water
- Tom is too tall for the bed (sorry man)
- Erin can make a gamer feel uncomfortable ("and then, and then" I call it payback for all the times I got cornered by the ultimate geeks in the game stores)

Tom W. said...

I think you guys covered it. I had a great freakin time. Savage Worlds gamers are some of the coolest people on the planet and a whole lot of fun to drink with.
Bass Ale is my friend. :)

I'll put a link in the blog when Mike and Steve put out their pdf convention report.