Monday, May 29, 2006

The Best Movie EVAR!!!!!??!?!??!!!

This movie surpasses prison heat on my list of best movies ever made.

Dejected, after watching the sabres fucking loose, I was channel surfing- which usually makes me feel better.

I stumbled my way through the premium channels, hitting the info button on any movie I didnt recognize. Then I saw it. Halfway House.

Now, you all know, I dig wacky nuns... and the adelphia description was something about missing girls and an evil nun. OK. Im interested.

I wept at the perfection of this film. Nudity, Lesbianism, Bondage, Miskatonic goddamn university, the necronomicon (not a necronomicon... THE necronomicon) an animatronic cthulhuey tentacle beast, and more nudity and lesbianism.

As soon as this post is published I am going right to ebay to buy the DVD.

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The Loremaster said...

You ARE gonna pass it this way when you get it, right? Buddy? Pal? Partner? Huh, huh, huh? :)