Monday, February 18, 2008

Upcoming Convention Schedule

I know Brian and Tom asked about these, so I figured I'd post the dates for as many game conventions as I'm aware of this year, as well as which ones I'm planning on attending. Feel free to post any other events that should be included:

  • SimCon: March 27 - March 30. I've signed up to run two events on that Saturday.
  • UBCon: April 11-13. I'm planning on running two events here. We'll see how well attended they are.
  • Western New York Savages: April 19. This is being put together by some guys out of Rochester and being held at SUNY Geneseo. Not sure yet how good the turn-out will be, but we'll see.
  • Origins: June 25 - June 29. Can't go to this one; my sister's getting married that weekend ... more's the pity.
  • GenCon: August 14 - 17. The big one; wouldn't miss this for the world!
  • Con on the Cob: October 2 - 5. Another one I wouldn't miss for anything; just too damn much fun.
More shows as I find out about them. I know that Rod mentioned a date for the Creep Show this year, but I don't remember it off-hand. I'm sure he'll put it up soon ...

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