Sunday, August 12, 2007

Anybody want to go to a show?

Video Games Live is a concert tour where a full orchestra plays sounds and songs from your favorite video games. They're coming to Kleinhan's October 14th, tickets go on sale August 15th.

See below for a taste:


yynderjohn said...

That looks really cool.

Tom W. said...

I liked the Ghosts n' Goblins music. It would be cool to have a full piece.

The Loremaster said...

Apparently, they're working on CD and DVD deals, so that might be available in the future. Tickets go on sale tomorrow; I'll post how much they're asking.

The Loremaster said...

Okay, the tickets are available through Ticketmaster here: Prices are $30, $50, and a VIP special for $75.

I might wait a bit; oddball concerts like this tend to get canceled due to low ticket sales. I'll keep an eye on it.