Monday, May 21, 2007

I checked out the Con on the cob thing

I might be interested in going. I like all of that talk about the booze and parties.

Are you guys going? I think I could use a few days of doing nothing but drinking beer and being a disruption to serious DnD players.

them: "my elf opens the chest"
me: "your elf *hic* is a big fag..."
them: "come on, this is a serious game *whine*"
me: "you know how I know your *hic* gay...?"



The Loremaster said...

Dude, totally fuckin' going ... we kinda have to ...
There really isn't much in the way of "serious" gaming going on, it really is like a big geek house party, with tons of gaming going on, and some awesome people.

Tom said it best; something to the effect of, "There's not a single person here that I wouldn't love to have around my table each and every week."

Tom W. said...

Oh yeah, I'm there. I'm running 1 event so far and maybe a second. I think its tradition in its infancy. ;)

Its still a gaming event but the Savages are definitely our type of people.

Oh, and Andy is the best way possible.