Saturday, December 30, 2006

Saddam is dead

Right around 11pm (our time) on December 29th, or about 6am on the 30th in Iraq. They showed Hussein being led to the gallows and the noose being placed on his neck, but Iraqi state TV froze the picture before the actual hanging.

The Taliban and Al Qaeda are already asserting that the Jihad against the United States and it's allies will intensify. Even though he was found guilty and sentanced to death by a court comprised of Iraqi's.

So, I was watching CNN at 3 in the morning... a car bomb was set off in a parking garage at a Madrid airport. Reps from the airport said they got a warning call 45 minutes before the bomb was detinated.

They said this is the M.O. of Baathist separatists. Saddam was the leader of the Baath Party... Coincedence?

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Tom W. said...

I saw the cellphone video leak of his execution. Evil bastard, yes, but he died stoically.