Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Should we start up a collection now?

The guys who built the Ultimate Game Table are planning on putting it up for auction on eBay on November 12. How cool would this be? It's fairly mighty though, and we could never have more than 7 players around it at a time, but fuck it looks cool!


Tom W. said...

That thing is pretty damn sweet. I have space at the house for it but it would be a bitch hauling that thing upstairs.
Seriously, I would entertain a reasonable bid.

~R said...

Lemme sit down with a pencil and paper for a few weeks, I could prolly design that (or better). I was an engineer untill they told me that engineers needed all that math (cant add).

Tell me what features it needs. I have all of the tools, and my friend and neighbor is a carpenter... I already know how to do the "message system".

The Loremaster said...

The group responsible for that table were supposed to be putting together schematics for sale ... whether this is going to happen is still up in the air. We'll just have to keep an eye on it.

The Loremaster said...

Good news: table is up for bid now
Bad News: it's only available for pick-up from Peoria, AZ; no shipping :(
Good News: Peoria, AZ is right near Phoenix ... Lou! Road Trip!!! :D