Friday, April 21, 2006

So why "Organized Chaos" anyway?

Post #1 in the History of "Us" section:

So where did the name "Organized Chaos" come from, anyway? Well, it all started in about 1992, I believe. Me, Tom, and Dan had known each other for a while, and I had met Chris at R.I.T., and we were trying to get our respective groups together for gaming and related activities. It was ... problematic at best. Scheduling was a bitch, what with school and work and family stuff and so on.

Somebody (I don't remember who) decided that we needed to get more organized and set the group up with a "club" structure, with game scheduling, a library, dues, that sort of shit. (Hey, it sounded like a good idea at the time!) And, of course, any good game club needs a good game club name.

So there's us, The Three Caballeros, trying to figure out a good name for the group. I think Dan quipped at the time, "You know this is all going to devolve into chaos." I responded, "Well, there's nothing wrong with a little chaos ... so long as it's organized."

And there, like a bolt from the blue, it hit me: Organized Chaos. The perfect name for the perfect game club. It would be glorious!

It wasn't. But that's ancient history now, and the only thing that remains is the name. It's not a bad little name; in my gaming career, I've been a member of:

  • Damage, Inc.
  • Rochester Wargamers Association and Guild
  • Role-Playing Gamers Guild
  • and Gamer Scum
I'll take Organized Chaos any day.

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